His Excellency Lord Justice Professor Paul Nuttall PhD VC CGC MIMC, a former Real Madrid galactico who witnessed the Second Defenestration of Prague and is now leader of Ukip, keeps running into trouble about his CV.

Apparently, a junior Ukip press officer caught a touch of the old hyperbolism. They accidentally and repeatedly exaggerated some of Nuttall's achievements and experiences to make them a little more significant than they perhaps were.

Like saying he had a PhD when he doesn't. Or claiming he was a professional footballer for Tranmere Rovers when he only played in their youth side.

And the rather more morbid claim he lost a close personal friend at the Hillsborough disaster when it was just someone he knew. He apologised for the confusion.

Still, there was the time Nuttall joined the daring Dambuster raids in the Second World War.

And when he was in an early version of what became The Beatles.

How could we forget his leadership of the England team to World Cup glory in '66.

Back in the 16th century, Michelangelo left a touching tribute to Nuttall on his most iconic sculpture.

He was pivotal in the release of Nelson Mandela.

He's really looking forward to the millennium anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, despite what happened.

His astronomical credentials are second to none.

To be fair, he does have an otherworldly look about him.

It's often forgotten, but Nuttall features heavily in Judeo-Christian scripture.

But he's probably most proud of his part in a popular 1990s sitcom.