The UK's biggest supermarket Tesco has responded swiftly to the horsemeat burger expose from the Irish food inspectors, that showed their products contained high levels of horse meat ,by placing a series of full page adverts in national newspapers, apologising for letting their customers down and promising to conduct a full investigation into their suppliers and food practices.

Tesco also confirmed the products affected were its Tesco Everyday Value 8 x Frozen Beef Burgers Tesco 4 x Frozen Beef Quarter Pounders and a branded product, Flamehouse Frozen Chargrilled Quarter Pounders.

The company also said customers who had any of the contaminated items at home could return them to any Tesco store for a full refund.

However it wasn't just Tesco that was implicated as the food inspectors also found smaller amounts in beef burgers sold by Iceland, Lidl and Aldi and Dunnes. But it is understood there has been no such announcements made by these other retailers.

Officials have said the contaminated products - on sale in the UK and the Irish Republic - posed no risk to human health and had been removed from shop shelves. But as we rightly think in the UK, if it says beef burgers on the tin, then we expect to find beef there in.

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