Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Live Streaming: Emily and Victoria united in 'Abduction' to fight Balcolm Black
Revenge season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC Revenge/Facebook

Revenge season 4 returns with episode 14 titled Kindred, after some eye-popping drama and twists in the previous episode.

In episode 13 titled Abduction, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson joined hands to fight Malcolm Black who kidnapped them to avenge his daughter's death at Jack Porter's hand.

However, things turn upside down when Malcolm gets killed by David, and the Hampton ladies escape the ordeal. However, this does not end their personal feud, which has now soared to a different level altogether.

Margaux LeMarchal, on the other hand is planning to avenge Daniel's death as she is pregnant with his baby and thinks Emily is the culprit for spoiling her baby's future.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Louise decide to get married and the upcoming episode will focus on their wedding day where Emily will be seen "happily dancing with her father".

"I have friends. I have you. I'm happy," the former Amanda Clarke tells her father.

However, her happiness may be short-lived as Margaux decides to ruin Emily's fate, which can be avoided if Victoria tells to her that Daniel was killed by Kate and not Emily.

In the promo of episode 14, Margaux calls someone for professional help to analyse a footage and says, "I need to expose Emily Thorne."

The official synopsis of episode 14 reads: "Emily assists Nolan's bride, who has some skeletons in her closet. Meanwhile, Victoria keeps her eye on a new socialite."

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Revenge season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC.