Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Live Streaming: Emily and Victoria united in 'Abduction' to fight Balcolm Black
Revenge season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC Revenge/Facebook

Revenge season 4 seems to have gone on a break and will return on 8 March, so fans will have to wait to see what happens in episode 15 titled Bait.

However, apart from the deadly plannings and murders, Hampton may soon bloom with the some colour as there are reports of a love triangle forming between Emily, Jack and Ben.

In the previous episode, Emily Thorne decides to take her relationship with Ben a little further and ends up kissing him, but Jack sees them in the act and literally breaks down.

Going by the promo of episode 15, there's an onscreen flash that reads, "He's waited 20 years for this moment".

It appears that Jack finally gathers courage to open up about his feelings for his childhood friend when he says "You have to know it's always been you".

"We weren't going to push that," Nick Wechsler told TVLine about Jack and Emily's romantic relationship. "Jack's been hanging back, waiting for her to feel ready, but he's been into her this whole time. We're slowly getting there."

Emily looks stunned from the apparent confession and this might put her in a love triangle.

The former Amanda Clarke already has her hands full as she is dealing with Victoria Grayson, her father David Clarke's return from the dead and his mysterious past and the latest addition of Margaux o her list of nemesis.

The episode is likely to feature some major drama as Mama Grayson receives a phone informing her about someone's death. Air Herald suspects it might be the end of Charlotte's journey in the ABC series.

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan on the show has teased that there will be more deaths as season moves towards its final phase.

"Any one of us could be gone without proper circumstance. They have no qualms about anyone dying on this show. ... We're going real, real, real big this year," Mann told TV Line.

"It's a big one. Our creator, Mike Kelley, envisioned the end of the series as a beach covered with the bodies of our characters, with Emily and Victoria climbing over them to get to each other," the actor concluded.