Revenge season 4 is bringing some serious twists in the upcoming episodes as Emily Thorne has finally declared her true identity as Amanda Clarke before the Hampton public.

Her permanent nemesis Victoria Grayson, meanwhile, is secretly planning something evil along with Margaux as Louise has leaked Amanda's secret information to the Grayson matriarch.

With only four episodes left, fans are expecting huge drama and the last four episodes titled Burn, Aftermath, Plea and Two Graves, promise to provide just that.

However, the official synopsis of episode 20 reveals that all is not well with Mama Grayson either as she will be attacked in the upcoming episode. It remains to be seen who the perpetrator is.

Episode 20 of the ABC thriller is titled Burn and the synopsis reads:

"After Victoria is attacked, she takes matters into her own hands, while Emily is forced to come to terms with what she really wants."

In the previous episode, Amanda Clarke has made it clear that she wants to live a life of truth as she sheds all her lies before the world. But her choice will come with a price, and will perhaps mean losing the love she never realised was right behind her all along.

Jack Porter, her childhood friend, appears to be leaving the troubled life of the Hamptons forever as some pictures released by TV Fanatic show him making one last and important call before boarding a flight along with his mother Stevie Grayson and son Carl.

Will this be the end of the most wanted yet unspoken love story of the revenge saga? There are chances that Jack will be back and be the saviour of David's daughter after an angry Ben keeps her behind bars when officer Hunter discovers how far Amanda went in order to keep her identity a secret.

The finale episode titled Two Graves, appears to showcase some major showdown between Amanda and Victoria and Enstarz has reported that the Victoria/Emily feud will finally come to an end.

Revenge season 4 episode 20 titled Burn will air on 19 April on ABC.