Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Live Streaming: Emily and Victoria united in 'Abduction' to fight Balcolm Black
Revenge season 4 airs every Sunday on ABC. Revenge/Facebook

Revenge season 4 is set to bring the high octane Emily Throne-Victoria Grayson drama after the shocking episode last Sunday.

Margaux losing her baby in a freak accident shocks mama Grayson to the core. She has already lost her son Daniel, and after the death of his unborn baby she has lost him forever.

However, Margaux being her cunning best will blame Daniel's ex-wife for her baby's death and an emotional Victoria vows to ruin her old enemy all over again.

It remains to be seen how the furious war between the queens of Hampton will take shape in the upcoming episodes.

The official synopsis of episode 18 reads: "A grief-stricken Emily tries to repair her collateral damage while Victoria pursues a fresh lead with renewed vigor."

In the upcoming episode titled Clarity, the show protagonist will plan to reveal her real identity as Amanda Clarke, to the city of Hampton through a press conference.

But it is Victoria who seeks vengeance against the daughter of David Clarke and Enstarz suspects she will not let Emily undo her collateral damage. In episode 19 Exposure, she will set her trap to foil the latter's chances of redemption.

Revenge season 4 episode 18 will air on 29 March on ABC.