Rick and Morty season 3 episode 2
Rick and Morty season 3 premiere episode aired on 1 April Adult Swim

Fans of the hit Adult Swim series, Rick And Morty are anxiously awaiting new episodes of season 3 to air after the creators dropped the premiere episode to surprise fans on April Fools day.

The episode featured Rick breaking out of the Galactic Federation Prison, as the alien race left Earth, leaving Jerry behind. Beth chose to divorce Jerry and stay with her father. Following this Rick tells Morty that since Jerry was gone, he was now the patriarch and that he planned to rule and order everyone around.

Things are going to get darker, Rick told his grandson in the final moments of the premiere episode titled, The Rickshank Redemption. [Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 2 plot

According to reports, Episode 2 of Rick And Morty season 3 is titled, Rickmancing The Stone. The episode will be inspired by the cult-classic 1984 film starring Michael Douglas, Romancing The Stone. There are several fan theories as to what the plot for the episode will be.

A Reddit user claimed, "Soo, I'm getting Morty tries to stop going on adventures with Rick but Summer gets kidnapped by people who want to know Rick's secrets so away they go."

Another user wrote, "I based it on the film, Romancing the Stone (1984). In it, a novelist's sister (so, Summer) is abducted and held for ransom (by some of Rick's enemies) - the ransom being some treasure map (or the location of Rick's secrets/tech). She ends up looking for the treasure (where fun Rick and Morty times will happen)"

Rick and Morty Season 3 return date

Rick and Morty's official Twitter account shared some information about when the show will return with new episodes. The tweet reads, "Rick is free, but he won't be going on more adventures until this summer. A pickle will rise..."

A teaser trailer for the upcoming season hinted, "Rick and Morty new season coming this summer." This implies that season 3 episode 2 could air sometime in July.

Back in January, Creator Dan Harmon opened up about the delays and said the team was struggling to write good jokes. Harmon told Indie Wire, "I don't have a release date for Season 3. It's not that I know it and I'm not allowed to say it; it's [Adult Swim's] domain. What I will tell you is it's late because of us, it's late because of me."

Sharing more insights about the delays, he said, "If Justin [co-creator Justin Roiland ] were here he'd agree. He and I would go, 'Yeah, we f****d up,' and it's hard to put your finger on how we f****d up. Rick and Morty keeps taking longer and longer to write, and I don't know why."