"Overnight fame" is not a fantasy anymore! If you've ever dreamt about waking up to a whole load of fame... well, it could happen! Just ask Zeddie Little - the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy".

When Little, who lives in New York, went home to Charleston, South Carolina, for a vacation and participated in the traditional Cooper Bridge River Run, an annual 10km event, he was clueless about the fame and popularity that he would receive afterwards.

The young Internet sensation was snapped by an amateur photographer and when his photos were posted on Flickr, a comment was stamped: "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy". That comment has changed his life since then; both that photo and Little himself have been going viral ever since!

Little wanted to make it big in the Public Relations field, where he works. We're sure this is not quite what he imagined.

The big question now, though, is why did he become so popular?

1. Certainly Ridiculously Photogenic: Zeddie Little is certainly photogenic. There aren't too many of us who can look so stunning after having run 10km and fewer still in a photograph!

2. Loves Animals: When Little became popular, his Twitter account exploded with all kinds of comments and questions. One such example, from a user known only as Kate, was a comment that even her dog knew him by now. Little's reply: "Say hi to your dog." It seems Little is a sweet guy!

3. Humble and Modest: His own tweets really do not provide much insight into the kind of person he is. However, when one tweet asked him why he was beautiful, his immediate reply: "No, I'm not". Zeddie Little is a little modest!

4. He Cooks: This must have stolen a million women's hearts! A man who looks good and also knows to cook? The perfect combination. Little tweeted: "Off to make some breakfast quickly! I'll be back!" So sweet Zeddie!

5. Cares for Fellow Humans: When he was asked if would only tweet to similarly photogenic people, Little was kind enough to reply it was absolutely untrue... and we're not the only ones to think the same. Ther have been other reports, like the one on Buzzfeed!

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