Chris Brown and Rihanna
REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Chris Brown and Rihanna might have broken things off, but his father's image with Royalty is sure setting up a good impression of the rapper.

According to reports, Rihanna thinks that Chris Brown is turning his life around thanks to his daughter Royalty.

After learning that he has a daughter, the singer has been spending a lot of time with his little girl and even bought her to 17 May's Billboard Music Awards red carpet.

An Urban Islandz report states that Rihanna has been praising Chris Brown a lot lately.

"I wouldn't be surprised if these two (Rihanna and Chris Brown) hook up back sometime soon," a source told the website.

"RiRi is telling everyone around her that Royalty changed Chris a lot and is making him a better person. Seeing them on the red carpet was priceless, he was happy and genuine to her. She just thinks that he is much more happier and seems like the old vibrant Chris Brown that she fell in love with," the sources added.

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown are single again which means there's a real chance of a reunion.

According to the report, the couple have agreed to just be close friends and Rihanna is still very interested in meeting Royalty

But a report in OK magazine claims that Rihanna and Chris Brown are rekindling their romance with some X-rated text messages

The source said, "no one stimulates or excites her like Chris, even after everything he's put her through."

"Everyone's just praying it's a flirtation versus anything serious. But with these two anything can happen, as history has proven," the source told the Magazine.

Will Chris Brown and Rihanna reunite? Only time will tell.