The gaming industry has long been dominated by the male population. Even though there are women who are gamers and work for companies as developers, discrimination is still a rampant problem until now. Around this month last year, two employees working for Riot Games filed a lawsuit against their company for alleged gender bias in the workplace. Moreover, it seems that sexual harassment was also included in the documents. Now, the game studio appears to have reached a settlement to the tune of $10 million for all employees involved.

This update came from Los Angeles Times as the publication reported about the proceedings. According to the source, the company behind the smash-hit MOBA "League of Legends" was reportedly sued for violations against the California Equal Pay act. Documents pertaining to the settlement agreed upon by the parties involved was filed on Monday and include approximately 1,000 women who were employed by Riot Games. The date covered starts from November 2014 until the court finalises the settlement.

It looks the total amount to be received by the female employees affected will depend on tenure as well as the employment status of the personnel at that time. Equally notable is the fact that contractors stand to get a smaller value than their full-time counterparts. Once approved, the $10 million settlement proposed by Riot Games will be the basis as to how much will be awarded to each individual based on the court's decision.

"We're pleased to have a proposed settlement to fully resolve the class action lawsuit," said a representative from the company. "The settlement is another step forward, and demonstrates our commitment to living up to our values and to making Riot an inclusive environment for the industry's best talent," the spokesperson added.

The allegations range from management denying promotions to female employees who voiced their displeasure from unwanted advancements from male co-workers. Moreover, compensation and pay adjustments were likewise not on par with men tasked with the same workload. Then there are reports of suspensions, terminations, withholding of benefits and other forms of disrespect from Riot Games executives. The company initially offered arbitration, but it was met with a walkout from its employees.

League of Legends
Artwork for League of Legends showing some of its playable heroes. Riot Games