Greece TV
ETS New accidentally aired a scene from a pornographic movie. YouTube

A TV station in Greece stunned viewers after it accidentally aired a scene from a pornographic movie during an evening news bulletin.

Viewers tuning into state-run ET3 News got more than they bargained for when a racy sex scene popped up on their screens.

In a 30-second clip of the incident posted on YouTube, a female presenter relayed details of the country's latest unrest before a male presenter takes over.

As he delivers an update, a naked woman can be seen on a screen in the background.

The unsuspecting presenter continues to present the news while a clearly visible graphic sex scene plays out on a monitor behind him.

The gaffe has gone viral online. One viewer quipped: "LMAO!! I think I should watch more Greek news."

"I expect those responsible will bend over backwards to apologise," another wrote.

According to reports, the sex scene was from a film which was being shown on sister channel ET1 at the same time.