Rita Ora
Rita was to Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation when she was 16.

British singer Rita Ora has hit back at claims that she had an affair with Jay Z.

The 22-year-old RIP hitmaker, who has been signed to the rapper's label Roc Nation since she was 18, was accused of sleeping with her mentor by Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan.

"I've been told to say that Rita ora has been ALLEGEDLY bukin jay z! I repeat ALLEDGELY [sic]," the reality star tweeted.

She later added: "Apparently beyonce is denying claims... But if I gt cheated on I'd also deny it #embarrassing."

Ora, who frequently hangs out with Beyoncé, quickly headed online to rebuke the claims in a string of expletive messages.

"I stayed silent on one bulls**t rumour but this one I have to speak," she tweeted.

"Neva eva will any1 includin a red head dum z listin attention seekin whore try talk s**t about me& my family holly wateva da f*k ur name is."

Keen to have the last word, flame-haired Hagan responded by saying: "You are all thick if u think just because someone's absolutely stunning they won't get cheated on...Cheryl cole? No relationship is perfect."

She continued: "Oooopsy getting told off don't shoot the messenger! Of course I'm only a Z-list why would anyone care what I say ;)

Hagan's claims come just weeks after Ora's ex-Rob Kardashian publically accused her of cheating on him with up to 20 different men.

Kim Kardashian's 25-year-old brother made the allegations in a string of hostile tweets which were quickly deleted.

"She cheated on me with 20 dudes while we were together. I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart. I mean 20?" he told his 3.8 million followers.

Minutes later he added: "How can a woman who is so busy trying to start her own career have time to be with so many dudes all while in a relationship?

"I'm disgusted a woman could give up her body to more than 20 dudes in less than a year while trying to start a career."