The once quiet town of Riverdale has suddenly been abuzz with a murder mystery after Jason Bloom's dead body is recovered with a gunshot wound. The CW series will further investigates into the high-schooler's death in episode 3 titled Body Double this Thursday.

Will Archie Andrews comes clean about his involvement with Jason's death? Click here to watch episode 3 live online. The episode will air on CW at 9pm EST on 9 February.

Based on Archie Comics, the third chapter of the CW drama gets even more intense as the murder investigation meddles with the life of a bunch of teenagers.

Chreyl will find herself becoming the prime suspect of the police probe unless she chooses to come clean about her whereabouts on the night of Jason's death.

As it turns out, her brother didn't really die on 4 July, and he wasn't killed due to drowning either. Riverdale sheriff will smell foul play when Jason's body is found with gunshot wounds on his forehead.

Jason's murder won't just affect his sister Cheryl but also another red-head teenager, Archie Andrews. Guilt-stricken Archie was last seen arguing with Miss Grundy if they should come clean about their act on the fated day (they were making out by Sweetwater River's side) and inform the police about the gunshot they had heard.

Judging by the trailer for the upcoming episode, it seems Archie will finally make his way to the sheriff's office. But the question remains, will he expose Miss Grundy and jeopardize her position as the high-school teacher?

Meanwhile, peace prevails between Riverdale's leading ladies Betty and Veronica, but not for long. When young Miss Lodge's date goes wrong and she becomes another victim of slut-shaming, Veronica will take it upon herself to expose the culprits aka Riverdale High's football stars. And she will be assisted by shy teen Ethel Muggs (starring Shannon Purser of Stranger Things).

Amid all this drama, Archie's two close friends – Betty and Jughead – have a plan to revive the school newspaper to aid the murder investigations of Mr Bloom.

Indeed it's not the time to celebrate in Riverdale, but Archie has to find a way to attend the Taste of Riverdale event. After all the Riverdale heartthrob's first song will be performed at the event by Josie and the Pussycats.

Riverdale airs on CW this Thursday.