Roald Dahl
British children's author, short-story writer, playwright and versifier Roald Dahl in December 1971 Ronald Dumont/ Getty Images

Celebrated children's author Roald Dahl – famed for works including The Twits and Matilda – is to be the first person in the BBC's Blue Peter history to be posthumously honoured with a gold Blue Peter badge. The special episode commemorating the British writer and poet will be screened on CBBC at 5pm on Thursday 15 September.

The award will be one of a number of items celebrating the work of Dahl. The BFG's favourite drink, Frobscottle, will be recreated by scientist Greg Foot on the show, along with a demonstration on how to make a peach fly.

Blue Peter presenters Barney, Lindsey and Radzi will be treated to a three course meal of bubblegum in honour of Dahl's Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

For a spectacular end to the episode, the cast of the hit musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are set to close the show with a TV exclusive performance of the song "Queen of Pop".

The writer's daughter, Lucy Dahl, will collect the CBBC's prestigious accolade on behalf of her father. She exclaimed: "Oh my gosh, this is extraordinary... this is amazing, truly amazing."

Lucy went on to say: "When you read a book you create your own version of the story, and you create your own pictures in your own mind. Dad felt that reading books was one of the most important things a child could do because he felt that imagination was so important."

A handful of gold badges are awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements, bravery, inspiration and citizenship every year.

Ewan Vinnicombe, the Blue Peter editor, said: "Roald Dahl's literary magic continues to enchant generations of children and will do for years to come. Blue Peter is honoured to be able to celebrate his remarkable imagination in this special show."

Watch the Roald Dahl special featuring Lucy Dahl on CBBC, Thursday 15 September at 5pm.