It looks like Rob Lowe just added another incident to his list of bizarre confessions. After revealing that he had an almost fatal encounter with mythical animal Bigfoot, the American actor now says that he has even talked to an actual ghost while filming his new reality series The Lowe Files.

The paranormal series that documents Lowe and his sons Matthew and John Owen's adventures is set to air this August.

Speaking about the particular experience with spirits, during the show's promotions, the actor confessed that he communicated via Ovilus.

"There's a device they use that the theory is it can translate ... that the spirits can talk through this device, for a lack of better term. Don't ask me how, don't ask me the science, I don't know," he told a journalist at the Television Critics Association's press tour on Friday.

The former Parks and Recreation star continued, "John just thinks it's randomly programmed to say words at any given time, which it could be, but how does it know to say the word?"

"It said the dead woman's name where she was murdered. Judge for yourself ... I don't want to seem like a nut," the 53-year-old TV star explained despite the general skepticism over the revelation, jokingly adding, "I don't want to end my career here. Too late?"

Earlier, The Outsiders star spoke about his alleged encounter with the legendary beast while shooting his paranormal docu-series.

"We had an incredible encounter with what locals call the wood ape [Sasquatch]," he said. "We're 100 miles from the nearest town... There are a lot of serious former military men with loaded weapons, then something starts approaching our camps that is defying their orders to stop and their warnings that [they were] armed."

Adding that he was "genuinely terrified" by the experience, Lowe admits that he might sound "like a crazy, Hollywood kook."

Although, the existence of the so-called creature is yet to be confirmed, the reality star maintains that "nothing is staged, nothing is trick-cut — no B.S."

The Lowe Files premieres on A&E on Wednesday, 2 August, at 10pm EST.