Robert Downey Jr
Avengers actor Robert Downey Jr did not appreciate Krishnan Guru-Murthy's line of questioning YouTube screenshot

Avengers: Age Of Ultron actor Robert Downey Jr has become a viral sensation after storming out of an uncomfortable interview with Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy, but he is just the latest in a long line of celebrities who have walked out after facing tricky questions.

The 50-year-old was promoting his latest Marvel movie when Guru-Murthy turned the conversation to Downey Jr's turbulent past of drug and alcohol addiction and his prison stint in 1999.

The Iron Man actor gave a curt yet dignified response to those questions. However, when the journalist pressed on about his rocky relationship with his father, Downey Jr replied: "I'm sorry, I really don't... what are we doing?" before removing his mic and walking out.

Apparently, the interview was getting a little "Diane Sawyer" in reference to the US ABC news anchor.

As the Internet reacts to RDJ's walk out, IBTimes UK takes a look at other celebrities who have stormed out of interviews...

Robert Pattinson and Ryan Seacrest:

The British actor was ever-so polite when he cut short his interview with presenter Seacrest in 2009. Pattinson, 28, was promoting Twilight: New Moon when Seacrest cryptically asked about the actor's off-screen romance with his co-star Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson's management promptly swooped in to wrap up the interview, but not before the actor answered the tricky question in a roundabout way. "I can tell [fans] to watch New Moon!"

He then courteously shook Seacrest's hand. What a gentleman!

Paris Hilton and Good Morning America's Dan Harris:

The socialite didn't appreciate Good Morning America journalist Dan Harris asking if reality stars like Kim Kardashian had stolen her spotlight. After he had brought up the low ratings of her reality show, Hilton suddenly walked off and could be heard saying off camera: "I don't want all this being used."

Unlike the other famous walk outs, Hilton returned to finish the interview but gave a very, well put-together answer.

Naomi Watts and Simon Mayo:

The Australian actress agreed to be interviewed by the BBC Radio 5 host in promotion of the Diana movie but, for a still unexplained reason, Watts abruptly ended the interview.

Mayo had mentioned a scene that was filmed outside Buckingham Palace when Watts said: "I'm getting the wind-up," claiming producers were telling her to end the interview.

When the confused DJ insisted he still had a few minutes left to interview her, the actress replied: "Oh... Well. I think we're running late."

Still to this day, it is not known what upset the King Kong star and Mayo has since admitted: "The honest answer is I have no idea. You know my hectoring style is always a problem."

Rihanna and Sunrise's Natalie Barr:

The Bajan songstress was taken aback when the Sunrise reporter asked about her dating life while promoting Battleship in 2012. RiRi replied: "It's very frustrating. Almost as frustrating as being asked about it. I mean, what's the point?"

She added of her fans: "They're interested in a lot of things that don't matter - or shouldn't."

The interview ends abruptly there.

S Club 7 and Claudia Winkleman:

The pop group's manager was far from happy when Winkleman asked if they were "grumpy" about reportedly being paid poorly. Although Jo, Bradley and co laughed off the awkward question, their manager completely exploded and stormed on set shouting: "I'm not having this! I've had to come on here to get you to stop. Can you get up? We're going."

Peter Andre and Kay Burley:

Tough-as-nails Sky News presenter Burley touched a sensitive nerve with the pop star when she asked about him adopting ex-wife Katie Price's son Harvey and also how he feels about his children having a new stepfather.

In the 2010 interview, Burley asked: "Do [your children] know that their mummy's got married [to Alex Reid]?"

A defensive Andre hit back: "Nobody is going to take my kids away from me. I will fight to the death for that... I would die for those children."

Overwhelmed with emotion, the reality star said through tears: "Sorry, I didn't expect that."

When Burley tried to change the subject, Andre demanded to end the conversation entirely.

Russell Crowe and BBC Radio 4's Mark Lawson:

The Australian was greatly offended when the BBC Radio 4 DJ commented that his accent in Robin Hood sounded Irish. Oh dear. Crowe shot back: "You've seriously got dead ears if you think that's an Irish accent."

He added: "I'm a little dumbfounded that you could possibly find any Irish in that character - that's kind of ridiculous, but it's your show," before going off to smoke a cigarette and never returning.

Naomi Campbell and ABC News journalist:

If there is any celebrity you avoid upsetting, it is model and renowned diva Naomi Campbell. When an ABC News journalist asked the British catwalk queen about a blood diamond she allegedly received from former Liberian president Charles Taylor, Campbell replied: "I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak about that. I'm not here for that."

After turning her face away from the reporter, a stroppy Campbell got up and knocked the camera down on her way out. These days, she is a picture of serenity.

Bee Gees and Clive Anderson:

In what has become perhaps the most iconic interview walk out, the Bee Gees took great offence to the chat show host's sarcasm in 1997.

When Anderson jokes that he could not remember the trio's song, Don't Forget To Remember, singer Barry replied: "We're getting on like a storm, aren't we, Clive? In fact I might just leave."

His brother Robin stormed off next, leaving Maurice awkwardly struggling to remove his mic. A dumbfounded Anderson writhed in his seat before forcibly wrapping up the show.