Even as Fear the Walking Dead is yet to premiere its first episode, show creator Robert Kirkman has teased a possible cross-over between the upcoming show and the already established super hit show The Walking Dead.

The companion series will narrate the story of two school teachers, Travis and Madison, who are madly in love and are busy dealing with their teen children, unknown to the fact that a deadly problem would knock at their doors -- the arrival of a fatal virus that turns humans into zombies.

Kirkman has said that FTWD is not a prequel as it will not narrate the cause of the deadly virus, neither it will speak about the same emotionless battle of the survival of TWD.

"I will say that I don't consider this show to be a prequel," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. He also teased that the characters of the upcoming show will meet with the TWD season 2 and 3 characters in future.

"There will be a point where a certain episode of this show will line up with Season 2 of The Walking Dead, and a certain episode of this show will line up with Season 3 of The Walking Dead. So we will be progressing through time to the point that we do pass the initial days of the outbreak. But how fast it is that we get there? That's just going to have to remain a mystery."

The highly anticipated series will premiere in August on AMC.