Fear the Walking Dead teaser
AMC's ambitious Walking Dead spin-off will premiere this summer Twitter

Fear The Walking Dead, the spin-off by Robert Kirkman will be more about emotional values and relationships, the show's creator has teased.

It will not only narrate the story of the zombie virus outbreak, nor about how it nearly eliminated mankind. The series will instead talk about a loving relationship between two teachers and their grown up children.

"There's a large cast in this show, just like there's a large cast in The Walking Dead," Kirkman told EW.

"But I think at its core this is a story of Travis and Madison, who are these two schoolteachers that both have kids from previous marriages and are very much in love. And then one of the things that really excites me about this show is the fact that this is a show about two people who are a team, and they do back each other up. They do love and respect each other," he said.

The graphic comic book writer also said that unlike The Walking Dead, the companion series will talk about a happy Nancy and Sean as they try to balance love and courage in the wake of the drastic changes their lives are witnessing.

They will have to deal with their personal problems, their children and the strange virus that is turning people into zombies and wiping out humanity.

"They're a happy couple, which is something that you don't see a lot of on cable television these days," the show's creator explained.

"I think the idea of having a blended family and trying to make all that work is an interesting family dynamic that could be the basis of its own show. The fact that we have zombies in it is icing on the cake. And the fact that we are dealing with the very beginnings of the zombie apocalypse and watching the world crumble around them, and people are very much unprepared for this world that they're in and having to very quickly adapt," he stressed.

The synopsis of the upcoming AMC drama reads as follows:

"The spinoff takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a different location. It revolves around Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis), a divorced teacher and Nancy Tompkins (Kim Dickens), a female guidance councilor. Dillane plays the Nancy's son Nick, who has battled a drug problem. Debnam Carey plays the Nancy's ambitious daughter Ashley."

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in summer this year. Adam Davidson will direct the much hyped post-apocalyptic zombie series.