Legendary tennis player Mats Wilander believes that Switzerland's Roger Federer is the best player of all time while also hailing Spaniard Rafael Nadal as the most competitive. The 52-year-old who is a seven-time Grand Slam winner admitted that there is no one who stands above Federer, due to his personality both on and off the court.

"John McEnroe obviously, but there have been several ones. Also Roger Federer, because he is the best player ever, for how he behaves on and off-court. I say McEnroe for the way he played and because he showed his emotions. Then Roger and Rafa came and they made tennis popular in Africa and Asia too."

Wilander, who was one of the most popular players during his time, won the Australian and French Open thrice and the US Open once during a career that lasted 16 years. The Swedish legend who was present at the official opening of the Rafael Nadal Academy, insisted that the Spaniard still has gas in the tank and that he still has it in him to win another Grand Slam title.

"Absolutely, nope (on whether Nadal's career is at an end). It depends on himself, many players stop when they do not win anymore. It happened to me as well, but many people suddenly come back to win and are unstoppable", the tennis legend added.

The two legends, Federer and Nadal, have not had the best of 2016 suffering from various injuries and loss of form. The Swiss maestro is currently recovering from a knee injury, which forced him to skip the French Open and the US Open while Nadal has battled persistent wrist and back injuries, which has seen him struggle in major tournaments, with his last Grand Slam win coming in 2014.