Valentin Jianu
Valentin Jianu lived in London for six years after kicking a man to death in Italy Italian state police

A Romanian gangster who went on the run after kicking his friend to death in Italy managed to slip UK Border Patrol and lived in London for six years before being caught. Valentin Jinau battered the man to death in an underworld hit in 2010, and went on the run to avoid justice.

He was sentenced to 14 years in his absence by an Italian court but by that point was already living in Wembley, north-west London, after he used his own passport to enter the UK on a bus through Dover.

He set up home in the capital and sent for his wife and young daughter, while working at a hotel and a car wash that was managed by other Romanians.

For six years he lived under the radar of Italian prosecutors until photos on his Facebook profile and a video on YouTube of him celebrating his birthday tipped off investigators to his whereabouts.

Metropolitan Police officers were alerted and arrested him before he was deported to Italy.

His wife told the Sun newspaper: "He used his own passport and ID. He didn't lie about who he was. We know he was sentenced to 15 years but he didn't do anything."

The Home Office said "100% checks" were performed at the border.

News of Jianu's deportation came weeks after Albanian murderer Selami Cokaj sneaked back into the UK after being deported in 2009. The killer, who stabbed a man to death but escaped prison in 1999, managed to evade Border officials to return to the UK and set up a new life in Leicestershire.