Victoria Beckham's 13-year-old son Romeo has come to her rescue after she was criticised on social media for sharing a photo of her kissing her daughter Harper on the lips. The fashion designer had shared the image on Instagram to mark Harper's fifth birthday on Sunday (17 July).

Supporting his mother, Romeo shared an adorable photo, wherein Victoria can be seen kissing him on his cheek. "I still love my mother's kisses," the youngster wrote along with a heart emoji on Facebook, according to The Express.

Earlier, some people had criticised the mother-of-four for showing her affection towards her daughter by kissing her on the lips. However, some supported the 42-year-old.

"I'm 18 and I still kiss my mom on the lips?! Like a smooch when we say goodbye or something and sometimes even my sister. A plain kiss on the mouth Is in no way sexual! It shows affection and also platonic affection! For me it's like a hug. But I also wouldn't hug strangers I only hug my family and my best friend. Pecks are nothing "special" I peck my family and sometimes even my best friend (who is like part of my family) . Jesus.... I never even knew this was a problem to some people," an Instagram user wrote in support of the former Spice Girls bandmate.

Romeo Beckham
Romeo Beckham has supported his 42-year-old mother by sharing a adorable photo, which sees Victoria planting a kissing on his cheek Jason Merritt / Staff/ Getty Images

Another user wrote: "Good thing we don't live through therapists @valebonet why not the lips it's her daughter! I kiss my daughter on the lips all of the time! Do what you want and everyone else will do what they want and you can keep your opinions to yourself since your lifestyle is not in the public you claim perfection! @cheyanneselig this is NOT molestation! You are a sick individual to think such a thing! This is a mother and daughter showing their love I kiss my daughter on the lips daily and have SEVERAL pictures just like this one!"