Rose West has taken to cutting her own hair in prison because she fears being slashed with scissors by fellow inmates.

A source inside the maximum security Low Newton prison revealed how paranoid the serial sex killer West has become.

Life inside prison has reportedly been difficult for West since fellow inmates saw a TV documentary about the sexual sadist's killing spree with husband, Fred.

Some were so outraged by the full details of the macabre behaviour that West, 60, has been living in fear of reprisal attacks ever since.

The Mirror reported West dreads another inmate attacking her, so she now uses clippers in her own cell to be safe from harm.

But her poor hairdressing skills means West is now sporting a preposterous side back and sides style as a result.

"She's been keeping her head down and now won't even get her hair cut by another of the women. She just signs out the clippers and does the job herself," the source said.

According to reports, West's physical appearance has grown increasingly outlandish behind bars, where she is serving a full life sentence for killing 10 young women.

Sources say West has also grown a large moustache and that her weight has ballooned to more than 15 stone.