Rachel and Joey had a fling in season 8 of Friends NBC

Even 13 years since the hit sitcom's last episode, die-hard fans of Friends can't get over a burning question – who should have Rachel ended up with, Ross or Joey? And even though Team Matt LeBlanc might be rooting for an unexpected revelation, Friends star Jennifer Aniston has given her final word.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, the 48-year-old actress was asked about the viral Twitter thread that argued 100 reasons why it should have been Rachel and Joey and not the lobsters. Unsurprisingly, Aniston chose to stick with the original choice, suggesting that it was David Schwimmer who played Ross all along.

"No! No, no. They tried!" said the actress who won hearts as the feisty Rachel Green about that time when her character and Joey had that little fling. "I think there was a moment when Joey and Rachel got together that maybe it could have happened, but it didn't," Aniston said.

Dashing all hopes of a Rachel-Joey romance, she further said, "It was Ross and Rachel all the way."

"I really believe that if there's an afterworld of Friends, they're still thriving. Don't you? I just don't think Joey and Rachel could have made it. I think it was more physical than emotional with them. They were friends with benefits, and they left it at that," the Mother's Day star explained.

And that's not the only romantic possibility that Aniston mentioned during the interview. Her real-life partner actor Justin Theroux most recently confessed that he had skipped a Friends audition because he slept in, prompting another round of fan reactions.

But, looks like Aniston is unfazed about the timing. In fact, she says, "it was perfect when we met — perfect."

"And he didn't sleep through it! He just didn't want to get on a plane. He didn't he didn't want to live in California at that point. He was a total New Yorker, and he wasn't moving," the actress added.

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Ross finds out about Rachel and Joey in season 10 of Friends. NBC