It has been 17 years since she married into the British royal family, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has finally gotten the blessing to be called Queen Consort when her husband Prince Charles becomes the King. A royal biographer says that this should serve as a lesson for Meghan Markle, who quit royal duties less than two years after her wedding to Prince Harry, all while dishing out several complaints about Buckingham Palace.

Angela Levin, a royal commentator and author of Prince Harry's biography, said Meghan could learn from how Duchess Camilla navigated life in the public eye despite the abuse she received at the start of her relationship with Prince Charles. At the time, she was targeted by the public who are still angry about Princess Diana's death.

Levin told GB News that the Duchess of Cornwall showed similar commitment as her father-in-law Prince Philip in her duties to Queen Elizabeth II, while Meghan acted like a "difficult woman" who is "not somebody who wants to work as a team," reports Mail Online.

The author added about Camilla, "When she's with Prince Charles, she takes a backwards step and she's there to support him rather like Prince Philip was. She doesn't try to interfere, she doesn't try to outsmart him, or rush ahead and shake hands with whoever is there."

Levin noted that Camilla especially opened up to the public during the coronavirus pandemic as she held several conversations with people over Zoom calls. "And she's got this great sense of humour and they have warmed to her. The public has seen her in a way that they never have before. She works incredibly hard and I think the Queen feels quite rightly that she justifies it," she said.

Levin continued that the 74-year-old "never complained" about anything even when she was very disliked by the public prior to her marriage to Prince Charles, and instead decided to avoid the "nastiness" by staying in her home for months. "But she never blamed anybody and never tried to win people round, she just waited. I believe she felt that if you give people time, 'They will see what I'm like and then they can make up their minds,'" the royal biographer said.

According to Levin, the Duchess of Sussex did not deal with her issues with public criticism and the royal family as well as Camilla did because she comes from a different background and has a "very different personality." The author said about the former American actress, "Camilla comes from a solid background, she had parents who loved each other and brought her up in a very easy way. I think that the Duchess of Sussex needs to prove herself non-stop. She takes on everything she possibly can because she needs to be out there in the front."

"She's not somebody who wants to work as a team, where Camilla doesn't want to put herself out in the front. She [Meghan] has to win, and we've seen that with all these legal charges, very very difficult woman I think," Levin added.

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan
Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle. Getty Images/Chris Jackson