Royal expert Stewart Pearce denied rumours of a rift between the Sussexes and the Cambridges as he revealed that there is actually no bad blood.

Pearce, author of "Diana: The Voice of Change," described their relationship as "very close." He said that even though they are miles away they make sure to get in touch with each other via video calls.

"I know that the four are talking with one another and they're talking by Zoom [and by] FaceTime. They're very close with one another," he told US Weekly.

Pearce believes that they chat casually, without being duchesses and princes. They talk "informally" with Kate Middleton "cooking dinner in the kitchen" and Prince William "making cups of tea." He also explained that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have different views on things from Prince William and Kate Middleton. This may be misconstrued by some as something that could lead to a feud or tension. On the contrary, they respect each other's opinions.

"But look, they're very different people and so their lens on the world is highly individualised. And what's remarkable is that they all totally respect [each other], but this lens is different," he said.

Pearce also commented on reports that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may join forces on a project with Netflix. He called it "stretching the imagination" and explained that both women "have defined roles that do not correspond." He does not mean as women within the family or as the wives of their royal-born husbands.

"I'm talking about the statement that they're making individually as women. But Kate has her own specific role, which is very different from the way that Meghan has her own specific role," he clarified.

Pearce then shared that Prince William and Kate Middleton likely keep their conversations with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as light as possible. They do not want to tread on talks about the controversy surrounding the Sussexes. Not because they do not care about them, but because "it's not their responsibility to be involved in verbalising anything." The Cambridges would rather "simply offer as much peace and tranquility and calm as possible."

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Prince Harry admitted that he and William are "on different paths" and had good and bad days in their relationship. Photo: AFP / Paul ELLIS