Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's bombshell announcement of resignation from royal duties left the world shocked and surprised. The royal family is hard at work to deal with the family crisis and devise a solution.

According to BBC, the Duchess of Sussex has taken off to Canada. Her seven-month-old baby Archie is in the country. While Prince Harry is in London to deal with the situation and work out a solution. As per the report, Harry's father Prince Charles, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Queen Elizabeth II have requested the staff to come up with a solution after the royal couple announced that they are stepping back from royal duties as "senior" royals.

In a lengthy statement that was released on Wednesday, the Sussexes revealed their plans to take a different route for their future as royals, become financially independent, and split time between the UK and North America. Following this, Buckingham Palace released a statement suggesting that the discussions are still at an early stage with Sussex household and that it will take time to work through.

However, the latest update suggests that the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and the queen have discussed the issue and instructed the senior staff to consult Sussex household and governments of the UK and Canada to "find a solution within days."

Meanwhile, BBC's royal correspondent Jonny Dymond has confirmed that Meghan has left for Canada. It is said that the British royal family is "hurt" at the Sussexes decision and that Harry's seniors were not notified or consulted leaving them "blindsided." Nevertheless, Harry and Meghan's statement clearly states that their plan is the outcome of "months of reflection and internal discussions."

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that Harry had discussed his next step with Prince Charles before Christmas. Even though the discussion was in early-stage, he sought a meeting with the monarch immediately after their return from a six-week break in Canada. The queen reportedly advised him to discuss the matters in detail with Charles before such a meeting with her. As per the report, she even urged Harry to not go public about his plans yet.

Robert Johnson, the royal editor of Evening Standard, reported that Harry had contacted Prince of Wales before Christmas. He urged him to come up with a "thought-out" plan. Keeping in mind his father's requests, Harry sent out a draft proposal to Charles early in the New Year.

Despite the queen and his father's request, Harry moved forward with his plans and sent an email of the copy of his announcement just 10 minutes before he released the statement on his official Instagram account. Charles, who is said to be disappointed by his son's decisions, has suggested a swift resolution to the problem.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Newspaper headlines included The Sun's "Megxit", saying the couple had sparked civil war at the palace. Photo: POOL / Aaron Chown

It is said to be one of the biggest surprises and crises in the royal family in years. Harry and Meghan's decision has met with several criticising remarks from the royal observers.