Minors in the Vologda region of northwestern Russia are now officially banned from buying Coca-Cola.

The restriction was put in place after the country implemented a new law forbidding the sale of beverages containing caffeine to minors, the Moscow Times reported.

According to the law, stores will now have to ask for identification when selling certain drinks.

The ban, which applies also to beverages containing plant extracts, includes Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew and domestic products such as Baikal.

In addition, the drinks cannot be sold in "children's, educational and medical institutions, as well as cultural and sports centres".

However the restriction does not extend to tea or coffee, the regional parliament said on its website.

The decision follows a one-year ban imposed by President Vladimir Putin on food and agricultural imports from nations that have imposed sanctions on Russia, following the deepening of the Ukraine crisis.

Last August, the Kremlin said in a statement that Putin's executive decree "either bans or limits... the import into the Russian Federation of certain kinds of agricultural products, raw materials and food originating from countries that have decided to adopt economic sanctions against Russian entities and [or] individuals."