President Vladimir Putin said Russia will play a major role in granting world security, while more than 11,000 troops, paraded through Moscow's Red Square for Victory Day celebrations.

Putin made a short speech at the annual military parade that celebrates Russia's World War II victory.

"We will always remember that it was Russia -- the Soviet Union -- that ruined the inhumane, bloody, arrogant plans of the Nazis and did not allow the fascists to conquer the world," Putin said.

Putin watched the parade flanked by PM Dmitry Medvedev and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

As part of the celebrations' choreographies, a convoy of more than 100 military vehicles ranging from armoured cars to mobile missile-launchers and tanks paraded through the famous square, while fighter jets and helicopters flew over Moscow.

"We remember what the tragedy of war means and will do everything so that nobody will ever dare to unleash it anew, threaten our children, our homes and our land," Putin told the thousands of spectators, including elderly World War II veterans, displaying rows of medals.

"We will do everything to strengthen security on the planet."

Victory Day is one of the most important national holidays in Russia and is dedicated to the about 26 million people, including 8.5 million soldiers, the Soviet Union lost in the war.