Couple suffer severe injuries after Christmas rope jump goes wrong - Representational image FLICKR

Christmas Day turned into a nightmare for a young Russian couple after their bungee jump from a bridge went horribly wrong.

The rope from which the pair were attached was too long and they crashed 80 ft below into a frozen river near the remote nuclear city of Seversk, according to local reports.

The two, whose names have not been disclosed, suffered severe injuries and were admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital, the Daily Mail reported.

A video (disturbing content) of the jump that has gone viral on social media shows the young couple laughing and hugging each other as they prepare for their jump over the frozen River Tom. As they fall, they can be heard screaming in excitement in the footage.

However, soon disaster struck as they smashed into the thick ice below. Another video clip shows them lying unconscious on the ice and a small blood stain is seen close to their motionless bodies.

A man who was filming their £4.50 ($6.02) jump can also be heard blaming another man for the incident, saying: "I'll kick you down there too! You said you checked and measured the rope...? Didn't you, didn't you?"

Soon after the incident, rescuers were called to the scene but they did not move the couple before specialist paramedics reached there and checked them. Emergencies worker Ivan Temerev said: "We received a call around 2pm asking for urgent rescue service. When we arrived, we found two injured people next to New Bridge on the left bank of the River Tom.

"Both jumpers were seriously injured. The ambulance service requested assistance from rescuers in order to move the couple from under the bridge."

The Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crime, is looking into the incident.

The organiser of the jump was identified as Mikhail Kholbutaev, who has been hit by a social media storm after the video of the jump went viral.

"That's it mate, time to pack up for jail," one person told Kholbutaev on social media. Another one said: "How did you allow this to happen?"

If found guilty of negligence, the organiser can face up to two years in jail.