A video of a group of men playing a bungee jumping prank on their friend has gone viral in Spain. The victim of the prank believed his friends had organised for him to go bungee jumping for his stag party on his last night of freedom, however, his friends had other plans for him.

Although the unnamed man believed he was jumping off a high platform of some kind, his friends had actually organised for him to jump off the curb onto the road – less than a few inches off the ground. The blindfolded man, wearing nothing but his underwear, remains clueless until he takes the leap.

The video shows the man being prepared for the jump, with his friends strapping him into a harness as he holds onto what he believes is the railing of a bridge over a gorge, the Local reported. Instead, viewers remain amused as they see that the man is only holding onto the barrier between the footpath and the road.

Still blindfolded, the man's friends help him climb over the railing and stand on the edge of the curb, preparing him for the jump. When a train passes behind him, he is told that it is passing on another track of the railway bridge.

He is then heard breathing heavily and saying "bloody hell" over and over again, before jumping off the cub to realise what is actually happening. The video has been viewed more than 150,000 times within just 24 hours and the incident is believed to have taken place in the city of Irun in the Basque Country in northern Spain.

The prank has received mixed comments from YouTubers, with some commending the friends for their creativity, while others insisted that they wouldn't want them at their own wedding.

Xabier Scully said: "I don't know these guys but when he 'jumped' I cried tears of laughter. Amazing is little, lol what bastards!"

However, Berakah was less enthusiastic: "I wouldn't invite these friends to a wedding. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Don't do this to me!"