Vladimir Potanin
Vladimir Potanin, Russian billionaire and owner of OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel, faces a $7bn (£5bn) divorce battle. Getty Images

Russia's richest man Vladimir Potanin's ex-wife is all set to prove that all is fair in love, and war.

Despite an offering that included a monthly allowance of $250,000 (£162,914) and properties in Moscow, London, and New York, Vladimir's former wife, Natalia Potanina, wanted more.

I feel offended after living together for 30 years. I loved him so much, it was a big personal drama to me.
- Natalia Potanin

Natalia has now launched an international legal battle against her husband of 30 years demanding a settlement of half of his $15bn (£9.8bn) wealth.

Vladimir runs several companies, including a pharmaceutical firm, an infrastructure company and Russian Nickel giant Norilsk Nickel.

According to Natalia, she legally deserves half of her billionaire ex-husband's empire since Russian law mandates wealth acquired during marriage to be divided equally between partners, reported CNN.

"I want to give my shares to the state. I want to avoid corporate conflicts. I want such a big strategic object to be under the state control," Natalia told CNN.

"I feel offended after living together for 30 years," she said. "I loved him so much, it was a big personal drama to me."

The couple has three children together.

A court hearing has been set for 1 July.

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