Several European Union politicians have been blacklisted from entering Russia in response to the EU sanctions over Ukraine and Crimea.

The list reportedly has more than 89 names, including Belgian MEP Mark Demesmaeker, and two Dutch MPs, confirmed the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Friday (29 May).

"Russia yesterday handed over a list of people to diverse EU embassies who may not enter Russia any longer," said Rutte, reported France24 News.

The Dutch government has condemned the blacklisting and will be informing Moscow, "in no uncertain terms," added Rutte.

According to the above letter that was authenticated, Russia does not want the list to be made public.

"We feel that our policy aimed at protecting the personal information of those on the list of those barred from entering Russia is better than that of our Western partners of shouting names from the rooftops," said Russian deputy foreign minister Alexei Meshkov.

Berlin has called, however, for the list to be made public.

In a statement, the German foreign ministry said: "The [German] government expects the Russian authorities to publish any 'barred' list as well as the judicial means of contesting it.

"The people on this list must immediately know about it. They have the right to know the reasons and appeal."

Rutte also condemned the list for not being based on international law and failing in transparency and the ability to be "challenged".

Meanwhile, Russia's ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, insists that, "no one is [barred] by chance" and that the list does not include "leaders or high officials."