miroslav kolman
Jiri Ulman, 52, known as ‘stick man’ because of his crutches was subjected to a brutal beating and even being force-fed bleach by murderer Miroslav Kolman in August last year. GMP

A sadistic murderer boasted "I feel great" while he beat a disabled beggar to death during a horrifying ordeal where his victim was forced-fed bleach.

Miroslav Kolman has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 35 years at Manchester Crown Court for murdering Jiri Ulman on 6 August last year.

The 52-year-old victim was known as 'stick man' because of the crutches he used when begging in Moston Peace Garden, Moston, Manchester.

The court heard the Czech-born Ulman was left with more than 15 broken bones following a three-hour beating.

At one point the 36-year-old defendant told an eyewitness "I love beating him, I feel great when I'm doing it" the court was told.

Kolman, supposedly a friend of Ulman, invited him inside a property a few doors down from his house before the killer accused him of stealing his CD's.

Ulman was then mercilessly beaten to death before Kolman dumped Jiri's body in woodland and his body was found two days later with a tyre around his head.

Sentencing, Judge David Stockdale told Kolman that the alleged theft of CD's did not warrant the level of violence used.

"When you were together in the room an argument broke out which quickly became violent," Stockdale said, according to the MailOnline.

"You then proceeded to beat him, the motivation behind the hearing is difficult to explain.

"You punched him, kicked him and stamped on him repeatedly. He offered no resistance whatsoever - he was incapable of offering any resistance."

The court was told that Ulman suffered several injuries, including a broken arm, 15 fractured ribs and a broken neck ad was repeatedly kicked in the genitals by Kolman.

Stockdale added: "It was your desire to control and bully him and the pleasure it gave you to beat him to death."

Ulman's funeral was organised by former carer and mother-of-three Yvonne Rae, 47, who said: "He was such a lovely nice man, and I just wanted people to pay their respects to him."