Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek poses for the cameras Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty

Salma Hayek recently took to social media to share a sweet throwback photo from her visit to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's home. The Desperado star, who was invited for dinner, spent some quality time and also donned the role of the nanny to the couple's little daughter during the visit.

In the snap, the mother-of-one is seen multi-tasking as the cook and the babysitter.

Clad in an apron, 50-year-old Hayek is seen stirring a large pot on a stove, with 10-year-old Ines wrapped around her hips.

Reynolds is seen clapping in the background and giving out a call to his child as Hayek smiles at the little girl.

"When your friends invite you for dinner and you end up doing all the work. Cuando tus amigos te invitan a cenar y acabas haciéndole todo tu. #hitmansbodyguard #ryanreynolds #tbt," she wrote alongside the photo she shared with her 4.2 million fans on Instagram.

However, Hayek unknowingly angered her fans for apparently putting the child in harm's way.

"Cute, but dangerous little feet near to hot stove!!!" a fan commented.

Another added, "Get that babies leg away from the stove!"

"Cookin babies!???!?! Not safe to carry a child while cooking!" a third fan said.

However, there were plenty of others who pointed out that most mothers cook while holding their children as many of them often have to multi-task while doing daily household chores.

"I see nothing wrong with this pic at all. Nothing. Moms doing all the time. @salmahayek Cute photo," a fan said.

Another added, "This pic is getting backlash? So many mother's have cooked or checked on food while holding a child... Hate the 'perfect' mothers and naggers that bitch over this."

"You can clearly see there is nothing there. Plus I don't think she would take a picture with a child near a hot stove," a fan wrote.