There has been a lot of debate over a certain Samantha Bricks and her article questioning why women hated her, for being so beautiful, published by the Daily Mail.

Since then, as one would expect, Samantha has been the subject of no small amount of tweets and Facebook comments, with people turning a critical eye not only to her comments but also her appearance.

The latest news, apparently is that a number of Twitter users have taken to morphing photographs of Samantha and writing some rather unflattering comments.

For example, an image of Samantha replaced by a man's face, by @blindfumble, read: "You're right Samantha Brick, us women are just jealous of your good looks, you narcissistic publicity leech."

Another user, named James, posted a distorted image with a message: "How have I never seen Samantha Brick before?! Phwoar! You guys are just jelly!"

Finally, @Eamonn_Forde replaced Samantha's body with her husband's (in an army outfit and with a rifle), writing: "*That* photo of Samantha Brick and her husband wasn't attractive enough. So I fixed it for her."

Samantha Bricks has gained significant popularity in a very short time... or should we say hatred?

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