Samsung appears to be in the headlines a lot these past few weeks for both positive and negative reasons. There was the Galaxy Fold launch, which was delayed due to durability issues. This was followed shortly by reports regarding a security flaw with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on two of its flagship handsets. Then there is the speculation about a few of its upcoming smartphone models, some of which were supported by various documentation. In parallel to the latter, sources claim a new patent application reveals an augmented reality (AR) headset could be on the way.

Analysts are speculating it could be an indication that Samsung might be shifting development efforts from its virtual reality (VR) lineup. Moreover, The Verge highlights that it will be the first time for the South Korean company to expand its reach to augmented reality. Despite the popularity of its Gear VR offerings, the last model released was back in 2017.

#Samsung patent for a new type of AR headset

— Debayan Roy (@Debayan457) October 22, 2019

Moving forward, it appears to have stopped marketing effort to promote the technology. In fact, reports confirm the Galaxy Note 10 is not compatible with any of its existing virtual reality products. Based on the images supplied by Samsung with the patent application, the design is that of an AR headset. Each of the two lens feature a screen and front-facing image sensors on the upper portion of the frame.

Additionally, a cable can be seen running from the main module to right arm. For now, it has yet to be established as to what purpose the wiring serves. It could either be for charging or for connecting with another device such as a smartphone or computer. It seems that Samsung is not the only one working on an AR headset. A reliable source of insider information about Apple hints that the Cupertino tech outfit is also developing one of its own.

Just like other patent documents that are leaked on the internet, the Samsung AR headset should be taken with a pinch of salt. On the other hand, recently leaked browser benchmark test results allegedly confirm that the Galaxy S11 is already on its final testing phase. Some of the data listed show the model number, a 20:9 screen aspect ratio, and Android 10.

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