Samsung is setting a very high bar for smartphone displays -- as much as 11K.

The South Korean giant is said to be developing sharply superior screens -- compared with the current 4K displays -- in association with the South Korean government, and 13 other local and foreign companies, according to The Electronic Times Korea.

The government is said to be investing $26.5 million over five years.

Samsung's development project, codenamed "EnDK," is expected to deliver a prototype by 2018.

Mobile displays featuring 11K resolution will yield pixel density as high as 2250 pixels per inch (PPI), way better than the maximum pixel density of around 500-600PPI delivered by 4K displays.

A beneficial aspect of the insanely high resolution is the optical illusion effect it apparently creates, delivering the same experience as that of watching 3D content on a larger screen. Such a 3D-effect, Samsung believes, will also eliminate the use of 3D glasses.

Nonetheless, Samsung's 11K displays pose technical and other challenges, particularly in the real world.

The display would be a huge drain on current batteries, and would require a new generation of smartphone batteries. Samsung is presently working on the silicon-graphene battery technology, currently in prototype, which is likely to double the life of current smartphone batteries.

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