A couple of screenshots of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, also known as Galaxy F, have leaked online.

This is not the first photo leak. Earlier, evleaks posted a photo of the purported Galaxy F with a tweet that reads: "This is the Samsung Galaxy F, claims a tipster. It's said to be a 5.3-inch, QHD, SD805-powered /replacement/ for the Galaxy S line, meaning that there would be no S6. Allegedly launching at an "Unpacked Ep. 2." This rumour is completely unconfirmed, unverified, unsubstantiated."

Following this, he posted another screenshot of the Galaxy F. The photo reveals no hardware specifications but suggests the Galaxy F looks similar to the Galaxy S5 but has a metal back cover.

Wild rumor: This is the Samsung Galaxy F, claims a tipster. It's ... - http://t.co/vrfgY1a5Ij pic.twitter.com/PKgZ92KwBo

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) June 2, 2014

Another alleged image of the supposed Samsung Galaxy F - http://t.co/7neCD3fqUe pic.twitter.com/EoUtsgDKPL

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) June 4, 2014

Now, PhoneArena has received exclusive screenshots of the Galaxy F from an anonymous tipster. The source claims these show the pre-production model of the Galaxy F, which uses Snapdragon 801. But it is expected to be replaced by Snapdragon 805 when the device is rolled out to the market.

The source adds the Galaxy F is slightly smaller than the Galaxy S5 with thinner bezels. The phone is reportedly asymmetrical with the top of the handset being more curved.

Also, the Galaxy F is said to be IP67 certified having dust and water resistant capability like the Galaxy S5. Below are the screenshots of the pre-production model of the Galaxy F.

Samsung Galaxy F
Purported photos of Samsung Galaxy F.