A Samsung executive has confirmed a new large screen smartphone and one using "new materials" will launch before the end of the year. Reuters

On Wednesday Samsung announced its most recent set of results which showed that smartphone sales had dipped 12% compared to the year before while profits from mobile were even worse hit, dropping 31%.

This all goes to show that the smartphone business, even for the company that dominates it, is tough.

However Samsung is not giving up. In an earnings call after the results were announced Kim Hyun-joon, a senior vice president at Samsung's mobile communications business, told reporters and analysts that the company was planning to launch two major new smartphones before the end of the year.

While Kim wouldn't go into more detail, it is almost certain that the two products he is talking about are the large-screen Galaxy Note 4 and a premium version of its Galaxy S5 set to be called either the Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime.

Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 will be launched at the IFA trade show in Germany at the beginning of September and the company will be hoping its latest phablet will continue the success of the line which popularised the large-screen smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 4 will likely keep the 5.7in screen size of last year's model but boost the resolution - potentially to UHD quality (2560 x 1440).

Also expect to see the fingerprint sensor from the Galaxy S5 and the same colour options make the transition to the bigger phone while it is likely the Galaxy Note 4 will also use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 chip.

Galaxy S5 Prime/F

As for the Galaxy S5 Prime/F, the "new materials" Kim mentioned in the earnings call is likely a reference to the metallic construction widely rumoured to be used in the new premium smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime

Some analysts had predicted Samsung would ditch the plastic construction it is known for with its Galaxy S5 model earlier this year, but since that didn't happen, it looks like the company will launch an updated model to try and attract those customers who are put off by the cheaper-feeling S5.

The new phone would go head-to-head with the likes of the iPhone 5s and HTC One M8 in terms of design and use of premium materials and would help fill a gap in Samsung's portfolio.

A release date for this smartphone is not quite so clear, though Samsung could launch it alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in Germany.


Samsung sells hundreds of different types of smartphones, with screen sizes ranging from 3.5in to over 6in and has come to dominate the market by offering a product to fit every budget and need.

However with sales slowing and competition from Chinese companies increasing daily, the company will be worried about the future of its smartphone business, one which has been incredibly profitable for the electronics company.

The company said it was also planning to release new smartphones in the mid-to-low segment which will have enhanced specifications.