South Korea-based consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung, which recently unveiled its latest flagship large screen smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 and put the device for pre-ordering in the United States of America, has now seemingly reduced the price of the Note 4's predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.

The country's premier e-commerce player Amazon has listed Samsung's older flagship for sale at reduced prices, and these new prices indicate a price difference of nearly $200, as a result of the Note 4 going up for pre-ordering.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 available for reduced prices:

From Verizon Wireless

Those of you still interested in purchasing the older Galaxy Note 3, can avail the 5.7in smartphone from Amazon (offered by Verizon Wireless), without a carrier contract for $599, down by $200 from the smartphone's earlier price of $799.

A used Galaxy Note 3 without contract is available for $385.

Amazon will ship the $599 Galaxy Note 3 in one working day.

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Contract-bound Note 4 from Verizon now costs (prices range between) $99.99 to $149.99

From AT&T

Apart from Verizon, America's premier wireless carrier AT&T is also offering the Galaxy Note 3 at comparatively reduced prices. As per the carrier's new offer, the large screen smartphone can be bought for $665 without a contract.

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A used Galaxy Note 3 can be bought (from AT&T via Amazon) for $395.

Galaxy Note 3 with an AT&T carrier contract is available to buy at prices starting from $0 to $100 depending on various AT&T exclusive plans. Click here to check out this offer now.

From Sprint

Sprint is offering via Amazon, a 32GB Black variant of Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 at $600 (no carrier contract), and a used Note 3 at $529 contract-free.

Amazon will ship these orders free of cost, in a day.

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If you prefer to subscribe to Sprint's carrier contract, then the Galaxy Note 3 costs $100, and the device can be checked-out and purchased by clicking here.

Where to Pre-Book the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and What is the Price?

Potential buyers can pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that is touted as Apple iPhone 6's nearest competitor, from AT&T. Click here to pre-book your device.

The wireless carrier is offering Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 for a price of $299 (£182) with a two-year carrier contract.

A carrier-unlocked Galaxy Note 4 is expected to cost $826 in the United States, thus making the latter costlier than the Apple iPhone 6 (unlocked) that costs $649.