Galaxy Note 5 devices and stylus
The design of the Galaxy Note 5 is a highlight of the series Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is one of the most highly anticipated phones of 2016 and the excitement has increased with a report claiming that the upcoming flagship will come on board with Google's yet unreleased Android N OS. The Note 6 will be an upgraded version of the Galaxy Note 5 launched last year.

South Korean business publication Bell claims that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 6 as early as July running on Android N out of the box. The developer preview version of Android N was also released surprisingly ahead of its traditional timeline by Google just last week.

The claims made in the report, however, seem a little dicey at this point given that Google itself only announces the final version of its Android OS around September-October every year. Given that, a July launch cannot incorporate the Android N into the Galaxy Note 6.

But if the claims are indeed coming from a trusted source, it means Google itself will have a much earlier release for the Android N. The company when releasing Android N gave a timeline for the test phases for it and July is the last testing phase month.

Although the release month for Android N has not been revealed, the company has said it will be in Q3 which makes July a possible release month as it also falls under the Q3 cycle. It also implies that the launch of the Galaxy Note 6 may coincide with the Nexus 7 phone launch which is rumoured to be manufactured by Taiwanese handset maker HTC.

The announcements put together along with the latest claim don't dismiss the possibility of a July launch, but only an official announcement will provide clarity. If the Galaxy Note 6 does get Android N in July, it will also possibly be the first non-Google phone to release the updated OS out of the box.