Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 to support LTE Cat.10 speeds. Concept Phones

Samsung's next Galaxy S flagship smartphone which is also known as Project Zero will support LTE cat.10 connectivity, suggests a new report.

Samsung's next Exynos series in-house system-on-chip, slated for a release next year will integrate a 3-band Cat.10 LTE-enabled modem. This will allow speeds up to 450 Mbps on compatible networks.

The Cat.6 LTE, in comparison, allows the smartphone to achieve download speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Major carrier networks in Korea such as LG U+ reportedly intend to have 3-band carrier aggregation by the end of this month, according to Korean site New naver.

The current Exynos 5430, used inside the Galaxy Alpha, featuring the latest Cat.6 LTE modem is an in-house chipset dubbed as the Exynos Modem 303. The next Exynos SoC with an LTE modem could be developed by Samsung as well.

Samsung is expected to bring the Galaxy S6 in two variants in terms of processors: One with Exynos and the other with Snapdragon. This means the Exynos powered Galaxy S6 will offer faster network speeds than its Snapdragon counterpart, which might use Cat.6/7 LTE connectivity, reports Gforgames.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer in this race. Last month Qualcomm announced its first Cat.10 LTE multimedia solution dubbed Qualcomm Gobi 9x45 modem and its second generation Qualcomm RF360 Envelop Tracker, the QFE3100.

The Gobi 9x45 modem is the first announced Category 10 LTE cellular modem that supports global carrier aggregation for download speeds up to 450 Mbps and upload speeds up to 100 Mbps. But the Gobi 9x45 modem is not used in the Snapdragon 810.