Only Samsung TVs have been adopting the company's MicroLED technology until now, but that's likely to change soon. According to a new report out of South Korea, Samsung has started making MicroLED displays for smartwatches.

Since MicroLED is an advanced technology, it is only limited to steeply-priced Samsung TVs at the moment. Now, a report by ET News suggests the Korean tech giant is planning to use the MicroLED technology to improve smartwatch screens.

To those unaware, the company's existing Galaxy Watches sport OLED displays. Notably, Samsung also supplies OLED panels for smartwatches to a slew of other leading manufacturers.

If Samsung's MicroLED tech is commercialised, upcoming Galaxy Watch models might feature these high-tech panels. Samsung supplies OLED panels for the Apple Watch. In fact, it is one of the biggest OLED panel suppliers for Apple's smartwatch.

The American tech firm is reportedly planning to start using MicroLED for its smartwatch. As a result, Apple may not buy as many OLED panels from Samsung as it does at the moment.

Samsung Display will understandably spare no effort to retain Apple as a customer. So, it has to become a supplier of MicroLED panels for smartwatches.

Moreover, MicroLED panels will bring notable upgrades over OLED displays. For instance, they are brighter than OLED panels. Aside from this, MicroLED offers improved colour reproduction, coupled with an enhanced contrast ratio.

As if that weren't enough, MicroLED panels offer clearer visibility even under direct sunlight. MicroLED panels are better than OLED panels as far as power efficiency is concerned.

So, smartwatches with MicroLED displays will offer a longer battery life compared to smartwatches with OLED panels. Samsung Display created a new team to work on the project last year.

This team will be leaving no stone unturned in a bid to commercialise this technology in the coming months. The process is likely to take a lot of time though.

Samsung Display wants to develop MicroLED panels for smartwatches this year. This will enable the South Korean OLED panel manufacturer to meet the skyrocketing demand for smartwatches from Apple, as well as Samsung.

Samsung MicroLED displays
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