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Microsoft received more than $1bn from Samsung in patent fees in 2013 for using a technology of the company in Samsung phones, it has been revealed.

In a filing unsealed by a New York federal court on 3 October, Microsoft said it received the amount as royalty fees from Samsung. It is for the first time the company is disclosing the size of its royalty payments from Samsung.

Samsung makes use of certain Microsoft technologies in its Android-based smartphones such as methods for displaying multiple windows in a Web browser.

In the court filing, Microsoft complained that Samsung delayed its royalty fee payments in 2013. The company is also demanding $6.9m (£4.3m, €5.5m) interest from Samsung on the delayed $1bn payment.

Samsung delayed the payment as it viewed Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's handset division violated the terms of a contract between the companies. The company eventually paid the fees, without adding interest.