Samsung Galaxy S6 launch at Mobile World Confress
The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched at Mobile World Congress on Sunday, 1 March but the company has produced five possible variations based on some of the rumours surrounding the phone Samsung

Samsung, a company not known for its sense of humour, is clearly looking to change that perception by poking fun at some of the rumours surrounding the Galaxy S6 smartphone

On a website called Is This the Next? Samsung's Norweigan outpost has published a series of five mockups of what the Galaxy S6 - which is set to be launched at Mobile World Congress this Sunday, 1 March - might look like if some of the more outrageous rumours are to be believed.

As you can see below the five rumours picked by Samsung include front-facing speakers, a three sided display, a larger screen, a durable construction and in the most unlikely scenario, a entirely transparent build.

Samsung is a company which has previously tried to poke fun at its main competitor Apple in a series of ads which dubbed iPhone users as sheep. The ads never really struck the right note, but these mock-ups are certainly a funny response to the constant rumour mill around the Galaxy S6 which has been churning for the last six months.

Here are Samsung's five Galaxy S6 mock-ups based on rumours:

1. Galaxy S6 with front-facing speakers

Galaxy S6 with Front-facing speakers
While HTC's One range has been lauded for its front-facing speakers we doubt anyone would want a Galaxy S6 like this with front-facing speakers Samsung

2. Durable Galaxy S6

Durable Galaxy S6 revealed
Durability is more and more important for smartphone users but we doubt many will have to carry around a pillow for their Galaxy S6 Samsung

3. Three-sided Galaxy S6

Three-side Samsung Galaxy S6
A three-sided Galaxy S6 is widely rumours to be launched, but it's unlikely it will look like this pyramid-like device Samsung

4. Larger screen Galaxy S6

Larger screen Galaxy S6 rumour
The Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a slightly larger screen than the 5in Galaxy S5 but it's unlikely Samsung will include an expanding display Samsung

5. Transparent Galaxy S6

Transparent Samsung Galaxy S6
What a transparent Galaxy S6 might look like but we can't imagine many people would want this phone... Samsung