As promised, Samsung is finally distributing the patches that supposedly fixes the security flaw on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 series. Prior to this update, users began reporting their observations regarding the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the aforementioned two models. After being rumoured for quite some time, the South Korean manufacturer finally introduced the under-display biometric sensor on two of its flagships. It should be noted that the plus versions are also plagued by the same issue.

The company confirmed it was already working on a software fix that would be distributed this week. Sources are praising Samsung for staying true to their commitment and seeding the updates to the affected smartphones. As noted by Ars Technica, official channels have yet to communicate about the patch, but some users claim it is available right now. This might be a controlled release so the technical team can verify if it does indeed fix the problem.

How to hack Samsung S10 fingerprint

— Mr Pumps⛽️ (@Edwardpumps) October 23, 2019

According to Samsung, the issue seems to be caused by silicone screen protectors, which the sensors reportedly mistake for fingerprints. It was pointed out that the affected users were the ones who registered their biometric data with the material in between. This is supposedly the root cause of why some Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 units can be unlocked by anyone. On the other hand, there are multiple footages posted that proves it can happen to those who do not have screen protectors on their handsets.

Why are people surprised Samsung fingerprint detection is easily bypassable? 1) it’s Samsung, 2) it’s Qualcomm, 3) it’s android. QED.

— Yifan (@yifanlu) October 17, 2019

Until more users can confirm if the patch is working, owners of the smartphones in question are advised to use other security methods for the meantime. Others can also try deleting data saved and register their fingerprints all over again to check if the issue is no longer present.

Meanwhile, in a related article, some banking applications have purportedly blacklisted the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 temporarily. This means users cannot use their fingerprint to log into the app. Until security experts have tested and proven that the vulnerability has been dealt with, these financial institutions will decline biometric access. Those affected can regularly check their mobile phones to see if the patch is available to download.

Samsung working on Under Display Camera technology
Samsung's spokesperson in Seoul said the company will soon roll out a fix for its top-end S10 smartphone AFP / Jung Yeon-je