Tizen smartphone
Samsung is expected to launch first Tizen running smartphone next month. beritateknologi

Samsung's first smartphone powered by its Tizen operating system will reportedly be launched next month.

Samsung introduced two new smartwatches, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, running Tizen at the Mobile World Congress event this year. The company also unveiled the Tizen powered smartphone at a similar technology event with no details about the availability of the device.

Recently, Yoon Han-Kil, senior vice-president of Samsung's product strategy team, confirmed that the first Tizen smartphone, which is a high-end device, will be launched by the end of the second quarter. There is another model which will aim at the mid-range segment of the market.

Samsung's move for Tizen devices comes as Google is trying to push its Android operating system in wearable devices.

Samsung dropped Android for Tizen for its second generation Galaxy Gear smartwatches. Samsung wants the new Gear smartwatches to become compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones by pitching Tizen directly against Android.

Following this, the SM-Z9005, which is believed to be Samsung's first Tizen smartphone, has been spotted at Zauba, an Indian import and export database.

Now, Indonesian Tizen reports that Samsung is planning to launch the first Tizen smartphone in Russia next month. The company is currently preparing for the launch event.

Yoon Han-Kil earlier mentioned that Tizen smartphones would be released "in a few countries where we can do well". After Russia, the rollout will move to Brazil and other developing countries.

The report further quotes an unnamed Samsung official as saying that the Tizen smartphone would be able to connect with other electronics products based on Tizen. In terms of hardware configuration and design, the Tizen smartphone will not be much different from the fourth Galaxy S smartphone, released last year.