Danne Desbrow's wedding
Danne Desbrow (C) was jailed for 53 years for the killing of Kevin Santos in 2003.

A San Diego judge officiated at the wedding of a convicted murderer just minutes after sentencing him to life in prison.

The marriage of Danne Desbrow and his fiancée, Destiny, took place in the same courtroom where he was jailed for 53 years , U-T San Diego reported.

According to the news site, before Desbrow, 36, was taken off to the cells, San Diego Superior Court judge Patricia Cookson agreed to perform the ceremony and even provided a home-made cake for the couple.

The newlyweds were high-school sweethearts but lost contact after Destiny became pregnant at the age of 16. They reunited in January after Destiny tracked him down to meet his estranged son. Desbrow was in custody at the time.

The jury did not accept his claim of self-defence in the death of Kevin Santos in 2003.

"I didn't know it was going to happen," said a relative who witnessed the ceremony. "Obviously, it was an unusual day from start to finish. I appreciate that she [the judge] honoured the request for them to marry.

"But, I've never seen anything like that."