Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has expressed her interest to see actress Eleanor Tomlinson portray her in future seasons of "The Crown" because she is a fan of the actress and her show "Poldark."

The former wife of Prince Andrew is said to be a huge fan of Tomlinson after seeing her act in "Poldark." A source claimed that she has told several close friends that she really loves the idea of Eleanor portraying her. Ferguson reportedly wants the 27-year-old actress to play her in her earlier years in "The Crown."

Likewise, the 60-year-old author is keen on the idea of Hollywood star Julianne Moore portraying her in later years. Ferguson has chosen these two actresses not only for their great acting skills but because they share her red hair colour.

It may be a while though, before Ferguson figures into the Netflix series. The upcoming installment will cover the events and life of the British Royal Family from 1964-1977. She did not marry Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II, until 1986. "The Crown" Season 3, which starts airing on Sunday, will feature Princess Diana and her relationship with Prince Charles.

Ferguson is said to be a fan of the show. The source told The Sun that "Sarah has really enjoyed the series even if it hasn't gone down well with all members of the royal family." Prince William is not a fan of the series according to Olivia Colman, who portrays the young Queen Elizabeth II. The Duchess' daughter, Princess Eugenie, is a fan and so is her "granny." She was once overheard telling a group of people that the Queen "really likes it."

However, the series has come under fire lately for its suggestive storyline about the Queen's alleged extramarital affairs. One of the storylines in "The Crown" Season 3 supposedly insinuates that Queen Elizabeth cheated on Prince Philip with her longtime friend, Lord Porchester.

The Queen's former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, called the implications as "distasteful and totally unfounded." He also accused "The Crown" Season 3 of sensationalising stories to get more viewers and insisted that the show is just a work of fiction.

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23 July 1986: Prince Andrew and his bride Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wave to crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother look on AFP]