Yemen crisis
April 20, 2015: Fighters loyal to Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi transport injured comrades during clashes with Houthi fighters in Aden Reuters

The Saudi-led coalition declared an end to its military campaign against the Houthi militants in Yemen at midnight local time (9pm BST) on 21 April, as reported by the Saudi Ministry of Defence.

Saudi Arabian officials indicated that the coalition will begin an "operation [for the] restoration of hope" later tonight.

General Ahmed Asiri, spokesman for the coalition forces, said in a press conference in Riyadh: "All operations were conducted on time and hit their targets. The operations were conducted with precision and were successful."

The air-strike operation began in response to a request from the Yemeni government, after the Houthi militants took over the capital Sana'a.

General Asiri has emphasised that the coalition "will continue to monitor the situation, and will continue protecting civilians from the Houthi militants.

"If necessary the coalition will impose an arms embargo to Yemen to stop spread of the Huthi militants."

Earlier, Saudi Arabian King Salman ordered the National Guard to mobilise, as reported by Al-Arabia. However, this measure is intended purely to ensure and defend the security of the kingdom.

Asiri revealed that "operation restoration of hope" is subject to a number of conditions. If these conditions are rejected by the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels, then the coalition is ready to resume air strikes, he warned.